Vector Marketing Review: What You Need to Know Now

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• Established company
• Well-known, high-quality products
• No experience necessary
• Has a (small) base pay


• Need to find your own leads
• Must go through training before you can sell
• Need to sell A LOT to make a significant income

Are you considering working with Vector Marketing? If so, you'll want to read this review first! In this article, we will discuss what Vector Marketing is, what the company is like, and what you can expect if you decide to work with them. We'll also talk about the pros and cons of working with this company so that you can make an informed decision. Let's get into my Vector Marketing review…

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DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with Vector Marketing or Cutco. The following unbiased review is based on my own research and opinions.

Vector Marketing Scam? Let's get started

Vector Marketing is a form of multi-level marketing (MLM) or direct selling that gives people the chance to make money from home.

People who promote it usually want you to join their company or buy their products because they stand to gain financially.

You'll learn all you need to know to become a “6 figure network marketer,” but in reality, most participants will make very little to no money at all. Which sadly, is common in the industry.

Vector Marketing Review: What to Expect

Vector Marketing is a form of multi-level marketing (MLM) that gives people the chance to make money from home.

You'll learn all you need to know to become a “6 figure network marketer,” but in reality, most participants will make very little to no money at all. Which sadly, is common in the industry.

But don't worry, if you're looking to join, I'll give you the honest scoop on what to expect.

First of all, you should know that most people who promote it usually want you to join their company or buy their products because they stand to gain financially. So if you're not interested in becoming a salesperson, this might not be the right opportunity for you.

And unfortunately, making money with Vector is not as easy as they make it sound. In fact, the majority of people who participate in MLMs make very little to no money at all. So it's important that you go into this with your eyes wide open and understand that there is a good chance you won't become a millionaire by joining.

The Vector Marketing Scam: An Overview

Most likely, a friend or family member recommended Vector to you. Perhaps you went to a seminar, either virtually or physically.

Perhaps this is the first time you've heard of an alternative approach to earning money.

To begin, let me say, “Congratulations!”

The problem is that you entered through the wrong door.

For the simple reason that Vector Marketing is a multi-level marketing program. You may give it whatever fancy title you choose. Multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing (NWM), direct sales, or anything else, it's the same idea:

To have the “opportunity” to sell items, you must first pay for that privilege.

Products are often of poor quality yet come at a premium cost in order to make sure everyone gets paid.

You're led to believe that getting your loved ones to buy your wares on a regular basis (a.k.a. “monthly recurring income”) is the key to starting your own successful business.

Like most individuals who fall for such schemes, you will soon learn that the money stops coming far more rapidly than you anticipated.

In any case, they do make it appear easy. Just tell your closest five friends about this amazing tool, and watch your network expand exponentially!

How Hard Can It Be?

And you wonder to yourself, “How difficult can it be?” It won't be hard for me to find five people.

However, after you actually do it, you may notice that others now view you with suspicion, as though you've joined a cult. You're now “that person,” the one who joins an MLM and aggressively pitches its dubious products to anyone and everyone.

Relationships are stressed, and you feel torn between making money and keeping friends.

But you shouldn't take the blame. These corporations invest millions of dollars annually on perfecting their methods of brainwashing and recruiting. In fact, that's the whole point.

But it doesn't have to be this way… you can make money online without alienating your friends and family. Which is why I'm writing this review. 

To assist you in finding a better path before it's too late.

Income that requires no effort on your part?

So, what if there was a method you could develop a passive income stream that’s genuinely passive?

How about a source of revenue that doesn't rely on:

  • Inventory
  • Direct sales to close acquaintances
  • Demo presentations
  • Trying to get phone numbers from complete strangers
  • Trying to get random people to join
  • Handling morally questionable products
  • a source of monthly money (ranging from a few thousand to far over ten thousand dollars)?

A source of income that you could create on the side, scale up or down as much as you like, and not have to devote a significant portion of your day finding your own clients, chasing down prospects, selling to uninterested people, or having to manage products and inventory?

How about setting your own schedule?

As a sales representative at Vector you can set your own schedule.

Check out my #1 online business if that's something you're interested in.

What Does Vector Marketing Sell?

Cutco cutlery is one of the products that Vector offers.

Young adults fresh from high school and college are often recruited to work as sales representatives.

When you join, you are not an employee of Vector but rather an independent contractor. So you have a job, without actually having a job.

How Vector Marketing works is that you show off your knives and other things at people's houses. Your starting salary will include compensation for these agonizingly boring presentations.

You are, of course, always urged to share the items with the people in your life, including your friends and family. A commission is a percentage of the selling price that you can keep if you bring in customers.

They will provide you the training you need to become knowledgeable about their merchandise and effective in talking to customers. Their aim is to boost your self-esteem and provide you with marketable abilities.

Where can I find out more about Cutco cutlery?

Cutco Cutlery is a company that makes high-quality knives for the kitchen. Established in 1949, the Cooking Utensils Company (or “Cutco”) derives its name from its original business name.

Cutco is a company that produces a wide range of standard and specialist kitchen appliances. While knives are their bread and butter, they also make a wide variety of other tools and implements, including kitchenware, cutlery, and even sporting knives.

More than 600 people are employed between the factory and the main office.

In addition, Cutco Cutlery's sales and marketing efforts are handled by Vector Marketing. However, Vector Marketing wasn't always one of Cutco's direct sales partners.

Before Vector Marketing took over, there were literally hundreds of smaller retailers. Cutco has been in business for 65 years and is headquartered in Olean, New York.

Vector Gets Acquired

In 1981, Vector Marketing was established as a distributor for Cutco; by 1995, Cutco Cutlery Corporation had acquired the company because it had sold more than any other distributor.

With that, Vector Cutco merged into a single entity.

Cutco goods are not available in random retail outlets.

These items are exclusively available for purchase through in-home sales demos, community events, or through official Cutco retail stores. Additionally, you may access it via their website.

For this reason, you may have seen an increase in their advertising presence. Jobs in sales, including sales management. Again, you get a job, without actually having a job since you're not an employee.

College Students as Sales Representatives?

To improve their sales, they need more sales reps. Furthermore, a large number of college students (and college-age kids) get training to market Cutco products.

They have a rigorous training process, and while you do have a pretty nice base pay, and schedule flexibility – you will need to talk to family members, find more customers and get out of your comfort zone to use some shady recruiting techniques.

You've probably seen their ads previously if you've been actively seeking a job. Vector Cutco has a large number of job openings for hiring managers in a variety of regions.

Students in high school and college are likely to be interested in an entry-level and part-time job.

Is There Any Truth To The Claims That Vector Cutco Is a Scam?

That's not the case at all.

Cutco Cutlery Corporation's major distributor is now just Vector Marketing.

Dealing with a single marketing firm on behalf of a network of independent sellers is huge.

Vector offers a wide selection of high-quality items, but their knife block sets are consistently best sellers. They are all backed by a lifetime guarantee and free sharpening whenever you need it.

The 32-piece Ultimate Set is available in a choice of honey or cherry finishes and has an oak block.

In addition, there is a 10-piece Homemaker Set.

Is Vector Cutco a Network Marketing Company?

No. Vector Marketing is a direct sales and marketing firm with no middlemen. There are no tiers, and membership expansion is unnecessary.

Salespeople in a multi-level marketing organization advance in rank and compensation by recruiting new team members, or “downline.”

All of Vector Marketing's salespeople get a base salary/base pay. You have a job, but product sales will increase your earnings.

Vector Marketing is actually one of the leading U.S. recruiters of undergraduates.

In a manner similar to multi-level marketing, they send out “offers” for interviews and jobs.

Since no prior job experience is required, almost anybody can start selling for them. However, they do require proper training and skills. As it's a good company, sales representatives are held accountable for doing a good job.

In many people's minds, this makes them sound like a multi-level-marketing firm.

There are many who would call this a clever method of recruitment, but others would label it predatory.

Can Young People Make a Living Working for Vector Marketing?

Students in higher education and those in their senior year of high school have been able to benefit from Marketing's business program.

However, they provide a great deal more than a simple income opportunity.

Working at Vector marketing you can expect a great environment, help with time management, communication skills, fun co workers, and a flexible schedule. It's like having a job without having a boss.

How You Make Money from Vector?

As long as you work, you receive a weekly pay check. You can earn more money as your own boss than many earn at a sales job. Working at Vector Marketing (which does not consider itself a multi level marketing company) can help improve your sales skills, and if you're a college student it's an amazing job where you can whole sale high quality products, and learn to get outside of your comfort zone.

Vector marketing pay for a sales rep is an initial $15 to $18 when they demonstrate Cutco blades to a hot lead. While this is not an hourly charge, demonstrating the items typically takes between 45 and 1 hour.

Presentations like these can be held in person or online. They can be a bit fun, but also a bit robotic.

What About Vector Marketing Lawsuits? Exactly Which Cases Have Been Filed?

Vector Marketing has been the subject of a few lawsuits, and the company appears to get sued once every several years. 

Arizona's state attorney general filed suit against the company in 1990, accusing it of using misleading practices in the course of its recruitment efforts.

The state of Wisconsin issued another injunction for them to cease their misleading recruitment tactics that year (1994).

They were subject to a class action lawsuit in 2008. They had been accused of not paying their salespeople the minimum wage, and in 2011 the case against them was resolved for $13 million.

More state minimum wage class actions were filed against them in 2014, this time in New York, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio.

In addition, one of its distributors filed a lawsuit against the company in 2014. She was on a business trip as a sales representative when she was drugged and sexually assaulted.

Another class action case was settled in 2017 for $6.75 million, this time including Vector Marketing. Participants in the sales training were not compensated. Another class action case was brought by department heads in this same year. The workers felt they should have been paid more like regular employees rather than independent contractors.


Vector Marketing: How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There is no fee to join, however in order to make sales and become a sales representative you will need to complete some training. Complete the task, and Cutco will provide a demo set of their knives. When you quit, you'll have to give this sample kit back.

Is It True That Vector Marketing Is a Scam?

Is it fraud then? A pyramid scheme?

I wouldn't call that technically correct.

This program does provide the potential for financial gain, but doing so is far from the simple task the promoters make it seem.

There is a lot of effort to be done before you can even start selling, no assurance of success, and, most importantly, the actual commission payments are pretty tiny. Most MLMs are completely unpaid and don't have clear expectations.

It's perfectly OK to put in more time up front in exchange for greater rewards down the road.

It's not worthwhile if you put in a lot of effort for three months and then only get a $50 commission.

Imagine instead that you could put in the same effort over the course of three months (in your free time) and receive a monthly payment of between $500 and $2,000 in exchange.

What if, though, you didn't have to wait three months? Imagine if you could start right now and receive your first payout in only seven days.

How about doubling it the next week?

This, folks, is the awesome potential of digital real estate.

Lifestyle Business?

Moreover, unlike multi-level marketing, this is a real work-from-home option. The way you run your business is based on your way of life.

All you need is a computer and access to the web.

To the tune of six figures, some of the program's most successful participants do all of their business from:

A beach in Mexico

A cabin in Big Bear, California

A villa in the South of Spain

They may go where the wind takes them, prioritizing their personal life over making money.

For the simple reason that they can afford to take a lengthy break from work without suffering financial consequences.

That being the case, it's experiences, memories, and adventures that matter the most.

They can always take as much time off as they want without ever having to worry about money.

If this describes your ideal way of life more closely, read on for more information on the virtual property market.



Can we trust them?

It's true that Vector Marketing is a legitimate direct sales firm, and that its independent contractors may earn money by marketing knives, kitchen cutlery, and other Cutco items. In order to hire college students as sales agents, the corporation conducts “job interviews.”

What Is Vector Marketing's Better Business Bureau Rating?

With a BBB of A+, they are considered a reliable company.

To what extent does Vector Marketing make money?

In 2019, Vector's revenues amounted to $273.8 million. It is currently unknown what their income will be in 2020.

Can you tell me how many people are Vector Marketing's distributors?

There are just 5,590 distributors selling for Cutco.

Finally, Is There a Way to Profit?

You certainly can!


Different people find themselves challenged by the many facets of MLM.

Here are the top five reasons why network marketers typically fail.

Don't get the wrong idea now.

Of course, it's possible to earn a living through multi-level marketing or direct selling, but if you're going to put in the kind of effort required to succeed in this industry (and believe us, it isn't simple), you may as well make some REAL money while you figure out the ins and outs.

Should I Join?

Your own individual financial objectives must be considered. Base pay is great and a positive work environment is a plus. It's not a full time job, and you might want to leave your extended family members out of it.

Most people aren't bashing here, and Cutco makes good stuff. As a plus, you're a sales representative for a product with a forever guarantee, listed on Wall Street, and get to set your own schedule. I can see how a person would want to get those skills (as opposed to finding a no skills job in unnecessary lines) with schedule cons and shite pay.

Of course, few would take the chance of being unpaid in this age of payment-related lawsuits.

Will I Make Enough Money?

And even if you do get paid, unless you can arrange showing after showing and generate sales, you won't make too much. You'll have a district manager breathing down your neck, and you won't get your own office. But you can't expect college age kids to have skills to sell or be a sales representative, or set their own schedule without getting paid.

And you'd need to be working more than part-time hours to do this. Paying actors only $15-$18 for every performance is not viable.

In order to make $100 for the week, how many showings do you need to slog through? As a sale representative, how many Cutco items do you need to sell to make your required pay?

Yes, this is essentially door-to-door selling in the digital age. This is universally despised by the general public. Yes, these companies pay but are you going to love your job? Yes, you can sell but are the dollars lower than you need as a sales rep?

But what if you did something that genuinely interests people and that companies find useful? Especially now when companies have just lived through a pandemic and are ready to rephrase stuff online.

Sales Representative Update

There have been rumors about Vector being a pyramid scheme for a long time now owing to the company's recruitment tactics and the low salaries offered Vector Marketing employees.

They have been able to avoid such accusations so far since they actually sell things and their other employees working get a decent living wage.

Still, relatives who are dragged into the drama appear to bombard their loved ones with calls.

Where do they fall into the trap? One of their reported strategies is to recruit fresh college graduates directly from campuses. Typically, someone with the job title division manager will be in charge of hiring new employees, although other newcomers may be involved as well.

They like that they can choose their own hours and be paid to make phone calls. Most people are let down when they learn it's just marketing.

Sure, things could be worse…

However, if you want to make serious, long-term money online, we suggest going elsewhere.

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