The Millionaire Shortcut Review – Jeff Lerner

the millionaire shortcut review jeff learner


• Jeff Lerner is an actual millionaire
• The Millionaire Shortcut ebook is free


• Offer is incredibly vague
• Says nothing is for sale when that's clearly untrue
• Pitch video doesn't tell you anything about the program

If you're looking for a way to make money online, you may have come across Jeff Lerner's Millionaire Shortcut program. This program promises to help you make money with little effort. But is it really worth your time and money? In this Millionaire Shortcut review, we will take a closer look at the program and see if it is right for you.

How Did Jeff Lerner Become a Millionaire

Jeff Lerner is a self made millionaire. Contrary to popular belief, Jeff Lerner did not get himself to millionaire status by working a regular job, contributing the maximum to a pension fund, and waiting patiently for his savings account to compound over the course of four decades.

The man didn't create anything new. Didn't in the lottery, or get a huge win on a scratch ticket. There isn't a trust fund. He just used the internet to his advantage by way of what he calls a “huge shortcut,” and now $50,000,000 richer, we find ourselves here, reviewing his program. If you're anything like me, you might find his shortcut less than impressive… read on.

Is the Millionaire Shortcut Legitimate?

the millionaire shortcut is it legit

Jeff published a book called The Millionaire Shortcut, in which he reveals all of his strategies. He says it is a completely free copy and you don't need to buy anything. 

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed once I entered my email address and clicked the button to get it.

To be honest, I found it annoying. To me, it seemed like I'd been duped. I was immediately redirected to a video pitch. I was pressed into buying a $39 training with a countdown timer. 

Jeff's “best-selling book” shows up in my email a few moments later. 

I believe what he was referring to was a brief free PDF document that promoted his aforementioned $39 course. If he wants to be my millionaire mentor he's going to have to do better than a crappy ebook.

What Is the Millionaire Shortcut?

Exactly what was his secret “shortcut?” Find a successful role model and emulate their habits. Starting to feel very “Think and Grow Rich” at this point and that always puts up red flags for me.

Also convenient that he's the millionaire coach, available at the low low price of just $39. Plus upsells. Plus whatever else he has to sell you on the backend. 

Can You Make Money Online with the Millionaire Shortcut?

Though I have no doubt that Jeff Lerner can provide you with valuable insights on digital marketing, I found the pitch video so vague that it was off-putting. The “Entre Blueprint Training Bundle”… WTF does that even mean. Blueprint for what? Being an entrepreneur? See what I mean… vague.

Is he going to teach you how to run online businesses? Because there are a lot of business models you can make money with. Will he teach driving traffic to sell online courses, coaching programs, or pyramid schemes? Paid ads or affiliate marketing maybe? It's hard to say because his lead magnet and his Entre Blueprint Training bundle sales page don't really say.

And the lack of transparency in his ad saying “nothing for sale.” I personally find it insulting to my intelligence, and it's just a flat-out lie. People don't spend money on ads if they have no way to make money back… it's simple math. 

The Millionaire Shortcut Book Review

the millionaire shortcut review

As far as the book goes… it's just ok. Definitely not winning any Pulitzer prizes or providing any earth-shattering info you've never heard before. If you want to actually make money online or start an online business this isn't going to give you more than surface information.

Don't oversell your “free ebook” as a miracle guide that will make me a millionaire overnight if it's really a pile of regurgitated crap.

Also, how about some giving us some details? What are you actually teaching in the course? Tell me again how this will make me a multi-millionaire online like you already are. Help me make the connections. And what should I anticipate after making my first purchase?

There must be an explanation for why he never shares any of that information. My best guess is if we knew what was on the other side we wouldn't buy it . And that's definitely not going to make him any money.  

On GoodReads the book only gets 3.5 stars… pretty much on par with all the “loss leader” junk the gurus put out. Fluffy books that tell you just enough to get you interested, but not enough actionable information to get you anywhere making money online near your goals. You'll need to buy their course to do that. 

Jeff Lerner – Entre Institute

Still, even if we disregard it, Jeff Lerner doesn't seem to be a specialist. In order to acquire knowledge, I prefer to see a master at work. Someone who has mastered a skillset and can show me exactly how to duplicate their success.

After all, there are a lot of online business opportunities. And the millionaire shortcut free pdf doesn't seem to cover any of them.

Do I think Jeff Lerner knows how to become a millionaire on the internet? In a nutshell, yes I believe he does. And his success, speaking events, media appearances ad active schedule show he has the hustle.

But unless he starts sharing a little more detail about how his Entre Blueprint bundle or Millionaire shortcut book is going to help us get there, I'm keeping my credit card firmly planted in my wallet. How about you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the millionaire shortcut legitimate?

Yes, and no. You can probably learn some things going through the book and the Entre Blueprint, but it seems incredibly vague. Jeff Learner is just a regular dude who stumbled upon this so-called shortcut to riches (spoiler alert: emulating millionaires) and decided to share it with the world. And we all know that if it were really that easy to become a millionaire, everyone would be doing it.

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