Inbound Closer Review: Don’t Buy Until You See This

inbound closer review


• No prior experience necessary
• Founders have a strong record of success
• Can work from anywhere
• Only requirement is a phone and internet


• You must master selling
• Commission only
• Must find employment

Are you thinking about joining Taylor Welch's Inbound Closer high-ticket sales program as a way to help you make more money? Maybe you've seen their ads on Facebook or Instagram and you're curious about what the program is all about. Or maybe someone you know is already a member and they've been trying to get you to join them. Either way, it's been getting asked a lot of questions about this program lately, so I've written this Inbound Closer review.

To help make your research easier, I'll cover everything you need to know about Inbound Closer High Ticket, from the founders to the pros and cons of the program. By the end, you'll have a clear idea of whether learning this high demand skill is something that's right for you. So without further ado, let's get started!

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with the Inbound Closer, Taylor or Payton Welch or Eli Wilde. The opinions expressed are my own.

Table of Contents

Money Back Guarantee

The authors of Inbound Closer offer a money back guarantee that their program will teach you all you need to know to become a successful “closer” and make six figures.

Basically, fielding sales inquiries about pricey coaching packages.

You know what? It's not a terrible starting point…

If you want to leave one job for another with even less stability, you should consider this option.

I kid 😅

Let's put the humor aside for a moment; sales is actually a respectable profession. A competent salesperson may make a decent living to a comfortable one if the stars align in their favor.

The Downside of Being an Inbound Closer

But it is contingent on things going well with the company you're doing sales for, which is not guaranteed. And this is not the situation in 98 out of 100 organizations.

Regardless of how much cash you make as a “closer,” the fact remains that you are completely at the mercy of the company, just like any other job. Since you don't own the business , your income is always vulnerable. Sales people can and do get fired…” you're only as good as your last sale,” as the saying goes.

The quantity and quality of leads is the second major issue. An estimated 49%-70% of people who sign up for a coaching package end up not showing up. In other words, if you have 7 scheduled calls every day, only 3 or 4 of them will actually show up. That's right; you're blocking off your time for people who often ditch the call – throwing away piles of time and money.

The third issue is the compensation rate itself. This would not normally be an issue, except most of these courses guarantee you daily commissions of $1,000 or more.

The problem is that online coaching programs often have a commission rate of $500. That thousand dollar commission means you'll need to average two sales every day.

If you have daily no-shows of 45 percent, you'll need to close 3 out of 4 calls just to break even. . And if you can close 75% of your calls (15-25% is considered decent), you really should be teaching a sales course, not buying one.

Last but not least, we run upon the issue of reliable income. The sales industry has always been cyclical. You might expect good days and bad ones. Sometimes a bad month or two . In preparation, you need to manage not only your finances, but also your mindset.

Sales can be extremely profitable, but the ups and downs are a lot to handle. And to be honest, there are easier ways to make money that don't rely on you talking on the phone all day.

Is Passive Income Possible?

What if there was a way to create really passive income?

  • Some way to get money without having to:
  • Continually talking on the phone
  • Losing precious time when attendees don't show up.
  • Earning money by exchanging your time
  • Poor-month money worries
  • Giving up your power and letting others decide your future
  • a regular source of cash that pulls in anywhere from a few grand, to well over ten thousand dollars a month?
  • A means of making money that doesn't require you to spend all day, every day calling leads and giving the same sales presentation to dozens of potential clients?

What Do You Get with Inbound Closer?

There's no question – high ticket sales can be a great way to earn an income.

In their program, tutorial videos are separated into sections that may be accessed from a simple homepage. This user experience is really simple to navigate and work with.

The Daily Commission Check Blueprint:

These two modules will assist you in securing your 1st high-value customer in as little as a 7 days.

Having gone through the program, I can attest to the fact that it is effective; but, in order to earn a steady stream of revenue, you must constantly be on calls with prospects.

The Inbound Closer Accelerator is made available to you as well. According to Payton, it only takes 3 weeks to go from knowing absolutely nothing about selling to becoming a sales genius with his inbound closing strategy.

The amount of work that went into this section of the application has made it quite useful for us. And it makes sense… it took over 3000 calls and forty million dollars in sales to create this closing method. So it stands to reason it would work.

To put it simply, I think their sales methods are actually really good.

You'll also have access to the inbound closers who routinely bring in seven and eight figures, as well as the recordings of their real sales calls, which have been carefully dissected so you can learn from them and implement their strategies.

Despite the fact that I have a lot of experience in sales, it's always helpful to hear recordings of other sales pros closing sales.

Mastermind Group

In fact, having an in-depth sample of how an effective sales call sounds helps students visualize how they can be successful too. Knowing where to direct the conversation is often considered the most challenging aspect of getting started.

The Inbound Closer Mastermind group is included, as if the previous three benefits weren't enough.

It seems opinions on this are divided. The incoming closer mastermind group was well-received by some, but not by others.

Kinda wishy washy but it's like that with everything isn't it? Can't make everyone happy.

One bright spot, though, is that everyone seems to recognize the value of having a community of like-minded businesspeople at your fingertips.

Access to Their Network

Taylor also provides you with direct access to his own network of successful internet businesspeople. This is in addition to the training and support of their course. This is where other business owners can post their sales jobs that you might be interested in.

Definitely a great feature… one they could have offered as a valuable upsell, but was instead included as part of the program. Very cool. 

A six-page PDF Document is also provided, and it contains scripts you may use during sales calls. Maintaining a scripted approach can enable you to improve your phone abilities.

And as someone who has done sales for a long time, that's probably the best advice I can give you…

Just follow the script.

The Inbound Closer Certification Program is $997.

Educating Future Inbound Closing Professionals

If you're considering spending more than the first $97, you'll want to read this detailed description of the upsell course they provide.

Inbound Closer Review: Lessons in the Program

Lesson 0: Becoming The Person Who Deserves Success 

They start with the fundamentals, such as the primary ideas they want to address and how to implement this into your life. 

In fact, when you begin the entire Inbound Closer adventure, the very first course lays out what you need to keep an eye on during this learning process and even provides a downloadable note sheet.

Following the customary opening remarks, they discuss how inbound closing represents today's this year's greatest entrepreneurial opportunities. Then he explains the process of being certified and what you need to do next.

Mindset is the most important part of success when starting any new project worth doing, so it's great to see they've included it in their program.

Lesson One: The Closer's Mindset 

When you're an Inbound Closer, the entire art of selling comes down to mental gymnastics. In fact, that's the focus of Payton's first lesson. He believes that the mentality is what sets apart effective sales people from those who are less successful. Therefore, he demonstrates the ideal frame of mind and provides guidance for maintaining it.

Payton then moves on to discuss many worldviews, each of which has the potential to radically alter your expectations for what you can accomplish in your role as an Inbound Closer. 

By the close of this session, you should realize that your own mindset is the single most important factor in determining your level of success as a closer.

Lesson Two: Self-Empowerment

To convince a prospect to part with their cash, he explains throughout this section, you must come across as someone who knows what they're talking about.

Assuming you make it beyond that, he then discusses sales as leadership and how to develop a world-class closing attitude.  According to this lesson, you're not just a salesman. You are a defender, someone who will keep them safe from harm.

They also provide guidance on how to get ready for closing conversations. How shocking would that be? tDoing your homework before picking up the phone and calling somebody… this can make a huge difference, as people feel like you've actually taken the time to understand them and their situation – it creates instant trust. 

He also gives you a checklist of “difficult” questions that will get the prospect to reveal personal details that will help you develop a stronger rapport with them. 

Lesson 4: Closing With Confidence  

Lesson 4 picks up where Lesson 3 left off. They go into further detail on what to do ahead of and during sales conversations, as well as how to successfully close the deals.

Lets be honest, your prospect will be less inclined to purchase from you if they get the impression that you don't know what you're talking about, are afraid, or are avoiding some of the concerns they have.

Lesson 5: Mastering Objections 

In this section, beginners and veterans alike will be judged. They walk you through the process of responding to challenges in a way that builds naturally from the previous lesson. When you know how to respond to concerns, you project an image of competence and confidence.

You will have a far better chance of closing a transaction if you learn to manage objections the way the Inbound Closer program teaches. These are battle tested strategies for maintaining composure and assurance when talking on the phone.

If you can overcome obstacles, you'll be miles ahead of the other 98% of sales people.

Module 6: Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer 

When you've finished the first five sections, you'll unlock access to this additional module. This training is meant to be the finishing touch on your path to becoming a highly skilled Inbound Closer.

After you've been certified, you'll have access to the company's community of business owners and salespeople. Continued coaching is discussed, along with its importance to your development as an inbound closer. 

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